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  • “The maps have increased collaboration and productivity in working meetings by creating an objective platform for discussion that can overcome some of the challenges of stove-piped myopic views of personnel in daily workflow.”
    VP - SAIC
  • “It’s a pleasure to work with this dynamic team of professionals. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!”
    VP - Marketing
  • "We have really moved the Air Force down the road with this effort. While it still needs to be codified, and disseminated, I am really pleased with this effort because we have gotten all the leaders, the thought leaders, the influencers to come together and produce something that will make a real difference."
    Colonel, 24th - AirForce
The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.
Bob Black
We bring our unique brand of exploration to our clients. Our mapping methodology and tools used in concert with your subject-matter expertise delivers new insightful worldviews for the entire workforce.

Functional Areas

  • Visual Strategic Planning

    We help your leadership team co-create a vision and strategy, honing it through the feedback loop of visualization—often delivering on one page or a series of one-page maps. Maga Maps have been used by our clients’ key customers, such as: Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Fortune 500 global marketing teams, Boards of Directors, and entire organizations.

  • Rapid Process Mapping

    Maga excels at process mapping, building consensus in real time with your key decision-makers. We’re able to operate anywhere from discrete, one-off engagements—to a fully embedded team, turning your program office into a Maga Visual Program Office.


  • Cross-Functional Training

    Maga Maps are routinely used as the foundation for classroom, online learning and training tools.  They help create dialogue, increase information retention, boost confidence, plot a roadmap, demonstrate context and enable change management initiatives.  They’re also a sweet alternative to PowerPoint.

  • Enterprise Innovation

    Innovation, whether incremental or game-changing, necessitates a shift in business models and practices through viewing the world with the eyes of the customer.  Maga Maps will empower your employees to crowd-source the innovation and help your team align them with enterprise objectives.


  • Engineering Visualization

    CIOs turn to Maga to help articulate and enable highly technical strategies with their teams and executives.  Using classic isometric design, we are able to plug into any engineering challenge and help communicate complex content visually.


  • CRM and Sales

    Selling and marketing complex solutions is challenging in our information-deficit era. Our maps create memorable, non-PowerPoint presentations and instant “big picture” conversations that proves value propositions to all kinds of customers.

  • Visual Communications

    We understand that one of the best ways to address anxiety inherent in change management is through inclusion and transparency. Our maps and supporting products socialize and deliver worldviews that all employees see themselves in and understand. They have historically been used in transformational or change initiatives, and are known to produce acceptance, excitement and alignment.



  • Maga Maps

    The Maga Map is our flagship product; a visual information map of what is often the most challenging aspect of your organization’s growth.  It is a worldview that we construct with your team, and that takes full advantage of people’s increasingly visual learning styles and desires to comprehend the “big picture” with simplicity and ease.  It has the counter-intuitive effect of slowing the info-stream down long enough to see the what’s relevant and important to share.


  • System of Maps

    The first Maga Map often becomes what we call a “Capstone Map” – that charts the 30,000-foot view of your organization. We take that map to divisions, departments or commands and ask them to build their own version, giving them deeper buy-in to the process. They are a profound way to cascade and scale any strategy and results in a print or digital Atlas of Maps.


  • Visual Strategy Office

    Complex programs benefit greatly by having a visual component that can help track and represent the goals, work streams, processes, and roles.  Creating a Visual Strategy Office creates peace of mind because everyone can track and visualize the program’s progress.


  • Maga New Media

    Our visual information mapping products come alive as they move from print to touch screens, to desktops, and to mobile apps for collaborative sharing; decision-making; and anytime, anywhere access.

  • Rollout

    The outcomes of Maga's Visual Products depend on how they are introduced into the 'water system' of our customer's organization. This occurs with augmenting the core map with a series of Rollout Tools and a Rollout Plan that is tailored to the organization. Whether a town hall 'march' from the leader or taking the map viral through water-cooler conversations, this offering rounds out the mapping engagement and ensures a powerful, measurable change.


  • UI/UX Design

    We map user interfaces, a natural extension of visual information mapping. Working with agile developers, our visualization and IT expertise combine to produce effective storyboards, conceptualizing your look and feel in the future.


  • Software

    Maga believes in providing the right software solution the first time around. That’s why we are proud partners with Atlassian—makers of Confluence and JIRA. These products help enable you and your team to track projects, analyze statistics, and collaborate like never before. Email for a free consultation.



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